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Deanna DiNatale (Bella Artistry Ink) of Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center. Deanna has been on the staff of Dr. Nezami 8 years and has been his Director of Aesthetics. Her devotion to her clients and her sincere desire to help others serves as the driving force that has called her into this field. She holds degrees in Commercial art, Dietetics, and is a Certified Aesthetician, as well.

In addition, her training includes Dermaplaning, Glycolic Peels and Customized Peels. ( she is diversified in many skin types and problems) Certified in Natural Intradermal Pigmentation. (Permanent Make-up) NouveauContour www.Nouveaucontour.com specializing in cosmetic procedures…. Eyeliner-Eybrows-LipLiner-Lipcolor, and color correction.



Poor eyesight (making application difficult to apply Redefine you lip line (age and cold sores) People with allergies to conventional make-up Those physically unable to apply make-up Alopecia sufferers (losing eyebrows and eyelashes) Those seeking to correct symmetrical facial features Those with sparse, or no eyebrows or eyelashes (contact lens users) Color correction from previous permanent make-up Facial scarring Seeking to look your best at all times



Welcome to the world of permanent cosmetics!

I pride myself on the many satisfied customers that I have taken into my care. Most of whom I have touched their lives forever. Clients are treated with the highest standards of patient welfare, excellence of procedures and the most advanced systems of sterilization. With a generally conservative approach and a flair for creativity, my client’s unique and individual desires are held in highest regard.


Nouveau Contour Digital

Experience the perfection of Permanent Make-up at Jacksonville Cosmetics Surgery Center in Jacksonville Florida. Permanent Cosmetics, is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. All procedures are performed using the Nouveau Contour Digital 700 or the Nouveau Contour Intelligent. Both” State of the Art.” fully computerized, digital machines provide less trauma and produce excellent results.
I am a member of the Nouveau Contour family of well trained practitioners located throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. We have been trained by Approved Trainers and/ Board Certified Instructors with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, SPCP and or The American Academy of Micropigmention, AAM.

I am looking and  forward to the opportunity in providing you with my expertise. Permanent makeup enhances your own features. Artistically applied eyebrows, eyeliner and full lip color will save time and money. Permanent Cosmetics will make your life easier and more convenient. Using my creativity, sensitivity educational background and years of patient care, I then incorporate my client’s unique individual desire and enhance a woman’s own natural beauty.

Deanna DiNatale

Patient care is important. 2 weeks before appointment. Do not take Vit.E, fish oil's, aspirin, or any medication containing aspirin. Avoid Alcohol consumption 2 days prior. All of these thin the blood and cause bleeding.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you take blood thinners please consult your physician first. 

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